Financial Markets

Boost performance, drive efficiencies, recognize and manage risk

Are you satisfied with your trading speed, reliability and performance? Are you struggling to meet demands for security, algorithmic trading and global regulatory compliance? NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services offers proven services and end-to-end solutions for institutional asset management, corporate banking, capital markets, investment banking, hedge funds sectors, securities and other financial markets.

Because IT for securities is in a constant state of refresh, you must become a future-ready enterprise. Talk to NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services, about secure mobile implementations, cloud migration and new-technology adoption to offset legacy infrastructure and applications. Your organization can cultivate a better customer experience and beat your competition to market. Other benefits:

  • Boost performance – Lower system latencies, increase transaction speeds, minimize downtime for traders and enhance performance.
  • Mine your data – Store and analyze huge amounts of unstructured data to derive the most value from your IT systems.
  • Drive efficiencies – Manage costs around every aspect of infrastructure — initiate changes that drive growth, deliver client value and equip a cost-effective workforce.
  • Renew client focus – Shift emphasis from complex product innovation to richer customer relationships —analytics help you get more customer-centric.
  • Manage risk – Implement security and compliance readiness. Take a proactive stance in preparing for risk and changing regulations.

Financial Markets

Compete through innovation. Boost performance, drive efficiencies, recognize and manage risk, and renew your business’ client focus.

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