Digital Manufacturing

The Right Technology Can Transform Your Factory Floor

As the velocity of tech-driven change in manufacturing rapidly increases, companies are realizing the need for a collaborative relationship between operational and information technology.

Transitioning into this era of the digital factory can be daunting. Drawing from the knowledge and experience gained from years of helping manufacturers improve their operations, NTT DATA Services has developed a successful strategy for change.

First, we can share the journey by communicating throughout all levels of the organization and engaging front-line team members to earn their buy-in. Next, you will deliver operational metrics to the right person at the right time, and you will automate and integrate, enabling data-driven decision making. And finally, you will transform data into intelligence that drives manufacturing outcomes and deploy connected security to safeguard data from the device to the cloud.

NTT DATA Services can help manufacturers make the connection across these key areas:

  • Analytics machines produce valuable sensor data that can be combined with ERP and other database sources to create actionable insights.
  • Mobility mobile and rugged technology reduces manual processes and supports your team members.
  • Cloud and virtualization is replacing physical, and end-to-end cloud client-computing solutions enabling advanced tool, facility and process simulations.
  • Security Intellectual property (IP) and hacker attempts to access it is growing, making a comprehensive security solution crucial.

Digital Manufacturing


From our proven standard IT packages to custom application development, becoming a digital factory can become a reality.

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