Application Re-hosting

Reduce Annual Operating Costs and Increase Agility

Application re-hosting addresses high annual operational costs, investment protection for legacy applications, and issues related to complex, aging IT systems. Our application re-hosting solutions move existing business logic and data investments onto modern platforms.

Re-hosting cuts the annual operating costs associated with legacy systems for many customers by 30 to 70 percent, while providing a safe path forward for IT assets. With an end-to-end solution approach that includes software, hardware and services, NTT DATA Services application re-hosting reduces the costs and complexities of application modernization initiatives.

We can re-host legacy applications from a variety of platforms including mainframes and legacy UNIX® systems. With over 1,300 installations worldwide, NTT DATA Services has a large and proven reference base for re-hosting mainframe environments such as IBM® CICS® applications, IBM IMS™ transactions and COBOL programs. Our technology is the result of nearly two decades of product development and is complemented by a reference architecture that addresses the complete environment including third-party tools and utilities.

Let us help you re-host your applications to dramatically reduce operating costs and enhance the way you do business.

Application Re-hosting


Application re-hosting solutions move existing business logic and data investments onto modern platforms.

Mainframe Re-Hosting Reference Architecture|mainframe Re-Hosting Reference Architecture
Re-hosting Reference Architecture

Simplify the move to industry-standard systems while reducing migration risk, cost and deployment time.

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Mainframe Re-Hosting Technology |mainframe Re-Hosting Technology
Re-hosting Technology

NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services Mainframe Re-hosting technology preserves application investments and extends the benefits of distributed platforms to mainframe assets.

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