BPO for Life Insurance

We can help you become a future-ready digital insurer

Life insurers looking for a competitive edge are looking for a strategic, dependable and cost-effective way to strengthen operations in an increasingly competitive landscape. For that reason, companies like yours need the right Business Process Outsourcing partner.

Dell Services has more than 30 years of insurance domain knowledge. We help you obtain the skilled, cost-effective resources to support your key business initiatives. We can manage your project team and provide fully secure offshore development centers and 24x7 technical support. Our service offers represent some of the most innovative and effective in the business.

BPO for Life Insurance

Go beyond mere cost reduction and outsource to meet peaks in demand, add new functions and obtain specialized skills.


Join nearly 30 carriers who have transformed their insurance businesses with our LifeSys end-to-end business function management.

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Insurance Claims Transformation Services |insurance Claims Transformation Services

Our comprehensive billing solution helps to streamline benefit invoicing and reconciliation provided by multiple carriers, including insurance and non-insurance products.

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Automated Full-Time Equivalent

The Automated Full-Time Equivalent is a robotic process automation solution that helps you become more productive by reducing time, increasing accuracy, and cutting cost of business processes.

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Insurance Analytics|insurance Analytics
Insurance Analytics

Analytics help you turn data into insights, and ideas into action.

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Our data sheet explores the ways you can enable end-to-end third-party administrator services for individual and group policies. Learn More
Learn how our Automated Full-Time Equivalent is a lever for improving business processes and productivity. Learn More