Enterprise Network Services

Boost Resource Utilization, Increase Agility, Expand Reach and Support Users

Your network infrastructure is critical to your business operation. But is your IT team struggling to design, deploy and manage a scalable and robust network architecture that ensures uptime and improves efficiency?

Address these challenges with Enterprise Network Services. Our services reduce your network complexity and costs, increase access to applications, enable internal and external collaboration and convert your disconnected network environment into a single, integrated and software-controlled one. Based on our proven processes and expertise, our services help you architect and implement secure and reliable enterprise networks that maintain operations and deliver continuous performance improvements. From core to access, and from end user to the data center, we bring in the right technologies to:

  • Virtualize, converge and software-enable your network architecture to facilitate quick provisioning, increased reliability and high availability
  • Orchestrate, automate and enable a modular and heterogeneous environment, which is flexible and adaptable to your business demands

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Our Services

Benefit from a sophisticated, world-class network that delivers unparalleled scalability, adaptability, efficiency and performance.

Enterprise Network Services|enterprise Network Services
Network Operations and Advanced Monitoring Services

Leverage automated tools and technical expertise to continuously monitor and manage your network devices and provide a proactive and reliable approach to meeting ongoing network scalability and flexibility requirements. Our services provide fault management and maintenance of your network infrastructure on a 24x7x365 basis. Through enterprise-class toolsets, we support the configuration management of your network devices and ensure the reliability and availability of your infrastructure.

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Enterprise Network Services|enterprise Network Services
Managed Network Services

Increase network functionality and reliability, while reducing or even eliminating human intervention in the overall monitoring and lifecycle management of hardware and software components. Our enterprise network services enable always-on connectivity by holistically managing your network routers, switches, load balancers, wide area network optimizers and other data network equipment located on your sites or hosted within our highly secure data centers.

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Internet And Utility Services|internet And Utility Services
Managed Internet and Utility Services

Complement your applications and data center assets hosted in our in-house data center— utilizing a flexible, secured and fully managed infrastructure. We offer proven technologies that allow capabilities expansion and optimization on a monthly, as-needed basis. Our data center infrastructure relies on multi-gigabit connectivity options from a variety of service providers and utilizes industry-leading internet and WAN access technologies — giving you the flexibility to scale on demand and pay-per-use. We also provide service components like network separation of traffic, together with bandwidth optimization and traffic shaping technologies. This enables tiered and cost-effective bandwidth commitments, security and a guaranteed quality of service for your hosted infrastructure external access.

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Network Voice And Ip Telephony Services|network Voice And Ip Telephony Services
Network Voice and IP Telephony Services

Provide your organization with an end-to-end support solution that proactively monitors, maintains and manages your voice and IPT infrastructure using a comprehensive toolset in service delivery, including our IP products. Our services reduce the need for vendor-provided professional services for your voice communication environment and allow you to take advantage of our networking experts who deliver services globally 24x7x365.

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Enterprise Network Services|enterprise Network Services
Unified Communications Services

Create a centralized, cost-effective, secure, highly available and consolidated collaboration system based on the integration and management of industry-leading messaging and collaboration applications, IP telephony systems and voice network infrastructures. Our services are offered as a fully managed solution and combine all collaboration and communication functions into a unified and enhanced end-user experience.

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Network Capacity Planning And Management Services|network Capacity Planning And Management Services
Network Capacity Planning and Management Services

Balance current system quality while planning for future resource demands — and implement and deploy those resources in a timely manner. Our in-house expertise, field-proven repeatable processes, best-of-breed tools and embedded health monitoring and reporting capabilities provide proactive capacity planning and performance management services and integrate into your business demand management processes.

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