Experts in many industries

Digital transformation impacts every industry. Our experts can help.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Our proven, future-ready healthcare solutions are the culmination of decades of experience in healthcare delivery, healthcare plans and life sciences. We understand how technology drives innovation to help deliver better outcomes – connecting clinical communities, empowering patients and managing population health.

Public Sector

For more than 20 years, we have supported federal government, military, and state and local government customers. Our trusted IT strategies and technology solutions have paved the way to modernization and IT transformation, leading to better efficiencies, heightened security and measurable cost savings.

Financial Services and Insurance

Built around our industry-recognized service portfolios, our true IT end-to-end solutions are tailored to banking, insurance and capital markets. Our services work holistically to accelerate your digital journey, helping you engage customers and meet your business objectives.


With years of experience in manufacturing IT, we deliver a comprehensive suite of smart factory solutions. Get the technology and support you need though a suite of end-user managed services, IoT devices to improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing and distribution, and a patented, field-proven transformational methodology.


Technology’s role in revenue

The CIO’s job has gotten progressively more difficult as the business requires IT to enable new revenue growth. You must understand the business and industry drivers, as well as what it takes to engage digitally savvy, empowered customers. A 2016 Gartner survey reveals 84 percent of CEOs expect digital change to bring higher profit margins.

To impact revenue, CIOs must know how to rid their organization of legacy systems and where to invest in emerging technology. Partner with the right experts and lead your organization through this era of digital transformation.

The digital revolution

“This digital revolution is providing unprecedented opportunities. For example, the opportunities to leverage big data analytics, not just to provide the reactive hind sights but also to provide much deeper insight and very powerful foresight.”

Srinath Roa, Business Intelligence and Analytics NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services