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Banking Solutions

Become the connected, customer-focused bank

Increased regulatory and market pressures demand you perform more efficiently and at a lower cost. Where are you on the path to digital transformation, so you can meet these challenges and become fully customer-centric?

Become the connected bank.

We have delivered tailored, end-to-end financial services solutions — using open standards and platforms —for more than 20 years. Our comprehensive range of IT solutions and services for banking, commercial lending, trade finance and more help you achieve a single, customer-oriented focus.

Cut costs, reduce complexity

By simplifying, standardizing and automating data-intensive tasks, you enrich customer relationships, not products. You deliver a personalized customer experience with business intelligence and loyalty solutions. You connect deeper with your customers using social media for business. Finally, you build customer confidence and ease compliance pressures with our tested IT security solutions. Get started today.

Banking Solutions

Our Services

Become a future-ready bank by reducing IT complexity, profiting from opportunities in your payments systems and embracing increased customer centricity as a way of life.

Digital Banking Transformation

Create a more agile, efficient and innovative bank with digital transformation. Learn more about Digital Banking Transformation

Card Systems Optimization

Safely roll out new card technology and expand into new markets. Learn more about Card Systems Optimization

Payment Systems Transformation

Retrofit and revitalize your payment systems with an open framework approach. Learn more about Payment Systems Transformation

Customer-Centric Banking
Customer Centric Banking

Centralize product management, pricing and rewards to gain and retain customers. Learn more about Customer Centric Banking

Analytics and Big Data for Financial Services

Control high volume, high velocity data. Uncover insights to inform decision making. Learn more about Analytics and Big Data for Financial Services

High Performance Computing and Big Data
Regulatory Compliance for Financial Services

Control high volume, high velocity data. Uncover insights to inform decision making. Learn more about Regulatory Compliance for Financial Services