Healthcare Providers

Technology that enables better patient outcomes can help reduce healthcare costs

The U.S. health system is on a mission: help people stay healthy and make healthcare more affordable. These goals go hand-in-hand, because when people are healthier, healthcare costs go down.

We can help. We offer the people, processes and technology you need to:

  • Improve access to care and outcomes
  • Create IT flexible systems that can adapt to your needs
  • Provide access to information anytime, anywhere
  • Educate and engage patients and families
  • Connect providers, payers and patients to ensure care is coordinated
  • Secure patient and organizational data
  • Turn data into insights for better outcomes and improve financial performance

Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Providers

What We Offer

Security, Consulting and Compliance

Get the expertise and technology you need to create success in an environment where payment models, clinical technology and regulations are changing at the speed of light.

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Interoperability and Integration

We combine the advanced capabilities of integration platform with comprehensive services for designing, planning, managing, implementing and supporting your integration projects.

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Healthcare BI and Analytics

Integrate your data and effectively use analytics to manage population health, make care more precise, improve clinical outcomes and operational efficiency, and reduce the time and cost of regulatory reporting.

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Patient Engagement

Create an effective patient engagement strategy to strengthen relationships, meet meaningful use criteria and improve patient outcomes.

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Secure Healthcare Cloud

Gain the flexibility to grow and adopt new technologies, while reducing overall costs and internal workloads with our healthcare-only cloud.

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Identity & Access Management

Unified Clinical Archive (VNA)

Get a vendor-neutral archive that is powerful, proven and complete. Our platform integrates all clinically relevant data, including DICOM and non-DICOM images.

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