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Chief Financial Officers and the Cloud -- Friends or Foes?

Tina DeBrass
3/1/2017 by Tina DeBrass

In our fast-paced digital world, the CFO’s role has undergone a massive evolution. From controller of finance and bookkeeping, to a more expansive role of driving business growth. Today, all aspects of business are disrupted and interlinked with technology. In this post, we discuss how the use of cloud services can offer CFOs increased agility, flexibility and scale, and emerge as a formidable ally in an organization’s growth journey.

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How to Enable Enterprise Agility Above Hybrid Cloud Environments

9/12/2016 by Steve Bodnar

Of the many factors intensifying the need for agility in enterprise IT, a rapidly changing customer base is usually high on the list. These customers have easy, fast access to countless insights about how the enterprise does business.The enterprise, in turn, must be able to meet these new customer expectations while still effectively serving customers at various points on the technology adoption curve. For IT, this requires phenomenal agility and the ability to make decisions today to optimize for the current state of customer needs. Read More

Solving the challenge of legacy applications in the cloud

8/31/2016 by Keith Tobin

The challenge of legacy applications gets to the heart of some of the key differences between a cloud solution and traditional solution. One great advantage of the cloud is that it disconnects the dependency between this specific application and that specific hardware. In the cloud, applications usually do not live or die because of a specific piece of hardware.

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Moving From Traditional Outsourcing to Cloud-Based Hosting Models

8/10/2016 by Steve Bodnar

As a service provider, we are witnessing an unprecedented demand to migrate our enterprise clients to cloud-based hosting models. A cloud-based IT environment can be an opportunity to drive growth, innovation, and financial transformation — especially within healthcare, commercial, and banking and financial services. It enables organizations to be more connected with their business objectives and enable easier adoption of the latest technologies such as digital, social, mobile, analytics and the Internet of Things.

However, full-scale adoption is easier said than done, as cloud-based infrastructures require a complete shift in the way most organizations have managed their IT environment up to this point. Here are six areas you need to consider when transforming your IT environment.

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Why Manufacturing IT Needs a Future-Ready, Next-Gen Infrastructure

Tim Ma
8/8/2016 by Tim Mannschreck

Those of us working in manufacturing IT understand the value of a future-ready infrastructure to foster agility and innovation – and boost factory output. But getting there is easier said than done. Read More

4 Key Principles to a Successful Cloud Migration Strategy

Tina DeBrass
8/5/2016 by Tina DeBrass

According to a recent Forrester report , clients stated that they plan to move as many as 80 percent of their applications to the cloud over a five-year timeframe.

At NTT DATA Cloud Services, we’ve seen cloud adoption strategies shift from a technology-first line of thinking to a business-forward approach. The foundation of all cloud strategies should be grounded in business needs, and what the ideal future-state looks like for the organization. Developing a strong cloud adoption strategy is not just a functionality and interoperability story, it’s a business story.

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