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IT is Killing General Practice but the Right IT Can Save It

Dr. Masood Ahmed
2/16/2017 by Dr Masood Ahmed

Over cheesecake, a GP offers insight into why the current use of IT is damaging primary care, and we discuss how a different approach to IT can make care more effective. We both agree that partnership is the key.

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Identifying High-value Primary Care Teams through Analytics

Karen A. Way
2/14/2017 by Karen A Way

Read why health plans can use their existing quality and cost data to identify high-performing, high-value primary care teams. Read More

We Support Ascension as They Support U.S. Veterans

Gigi Shamsy Raye
11/11/2016 by Gigi Shamsy Raye

Ascension has been rolling out a very moving initiative to help U.S. veterans receive healthcare in Ascension ministries. Just watch this ninety-second video of their doctors and nurses (who happen to be veterans helping veterans) and try to keep a dry eye. After seeing this video, I wanted to learn more about the Ascension employees in the IT area (my area) along with their NTT DATA Services (formerly Dell Services) colleagues (my teammates) that support the caregivers helping veterans.

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The Athlete and the Brain Behind Barrow Brainbook

Gigi Shamsy Raye
10/6/2016 by Gigi Shamsy Raye

High school senior Courtney Wise fell in love with soccer at age three and played fiercely and competitively ever since she first set foot on the field. But one club soccer game during her eighth grade season four years ago would change the course of her life.

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Why We Should Coach Physicians Transitioning to High-Value Primary Care

9/28/2016 by Dr. Charlotte Hovet

As a primary care physician who cared for numerous patients at risk for chronic diseases, I often dreaded that look in their eyes when I explained that they needed to change their lifestyle. Those of us who work in the IT services industry have an opportunity – and an obligation – to help physicians effectively use the technology and resources that are increasingly available to help dispel this fear. We need to offer coaching services, using a well thought-out framework that can be adapted to fit the needs of individual practices. Read More

Meaningful Use, FHIR, and RESTful APIs

The integrated healthcare system will increasingly become a cornerstone of healthcare delivery transformation driven by information and digital technologies. To achieve a truly integrated healthcare, FHIR and open APIs are a critical next step. Read More

Health Plans Move Platforms to Ensure Seamless Connection

8/12/2016 by Rajesh Antony

Health Plans operating on legacy platforms have started to migrate to new platforms and technologies, which can adapt to ongoing changes in regulations, and take advantage of technology advancements to improve outcomes and reduce costs. This trend calls for a collaborative effort of technology and business services to ensure a successful transition.

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Want to Be a High-Value Provider? Deepen Your Patient Relationships

Dan A
8/3/2016 by Dan Allison

The healthcare industry is investing heavily in technology for patient engagement. While CRMs are proving their worth in healthcare, they are just one tool for improving patient engagement. Other technologies are also useful. But what is most important is viewing patients as individuals and treating every individual with respect. I’m encouraged to see that healthcare organizations are becoming increasingly patient-centered. We intend to do all we can to facilitate that work. Read More