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GSA Schedules

Current GSA Schedules

GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) (00Corp)                                                                  

Contract No. GS-00F-0049M

Information Technology Products and Services (IT) (Schedule 70)                 

Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) (Schedule 874)      

Professional Engineering Services (PES) (Schedule 871)        

Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) (Schedule 541)            

Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) (Schedule 520)

March 29, 2002, through August 23, 2019    

Revision 16, effective January 2, 2016        

Latest modification: CM-A475 of January 2, 2016

GSA Information Technology Products and Services (IT) (Schedule 70)    

Contract No. GS-35F-344DA          

June 3, 2016 through June 2, 2021 (Base)    

Revision 0, Effective June 3, 2016


Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)

Dell Services Federal Government has BPAs established with various federal government agencies. BPAs help to reduce costs, reduce paperwork and save time by eliminating the need for repetitive individual purchases from other suppliers. The end result is to create a purchasing mechanism for the government that works better and costs less.

GSA Contracts Ordering Information

For Contract Nos. GS-357-4076D and GS-35F-0884P, send Requests for Quotation (RFQ) to George Omohundro at

Your RFQ should contain:

  • Contact information (actual mailing address, appropriate point of contact, phone and fax numbers, and email address)
  • A statement requesting a quotation or proposal 
  • Statement of Work (SOW), including the scope, period of performance, place of performance, deliverables, travel requirements (if applicable), acceptance criteria (if applicable) and contract type 
  • The date and time the quotation/proposal is due