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Card Systems Optimization

Safely roll out new card technology and expand into new markets

Do you have plans to expand your card offerings to support new products and new markets? Globalization brings diverse regulatory environments, product variations and multiple international market currencies. Talk to NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services. We can help accelerate business growth, enhance security and minimize fraud.

We have worked extensively with many financial institutions to reengineer their card services. We provided card-issuing IT services to the world's largest cards issuer for over 10 years since 2000. We can help you with:

  • Card issuing — Program management including program setup, fee and charging, and delinquency; cards authorization application improvement; scripting Engine for Smart Card chip cards; account management including cardholder management, limits and credit scoring
  • Card acquisition — Acquirer and merchant management; merchant commission calculation engine; reengineering of cards transaction authorization and switching management
  • Card processing — Clearing and settlement systems; dispute and chargeback management; network and cards scheme rule compliance; and message handling
Turn to us when you need to:
  • Refine card-related applications to align with CHIP and PIN technology
  • Enhance existing card technology to accept varied brands of cards
  • Improve applications to support a diverse regulatory environment
  • Integrate existing systems with new outsourced applications
  • Provide qualified domain experts to analyze trends and understand existing systems

Bank Application Testing
Card Systems Optimization

Our Services

Reengineer your card systems to accommodate business growth, improve security, minimize fraud and extend the geography of your operations.

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