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Enterprise Billing

Enterprise billing has become a standard practice to create deeper engagement and more loyalty with wholesale and retail banking customers. But the sophisticated pricing structure can overwhelm manual processes, leading to loss of fees. When customers’ actual usage falls short of volume-based discounts you have already issued, can you detect and respond quickly? Revenue loss can cost money center banks hundreds of millions of dollars annually, and the leakage is significant for regional banks as well.

Find a better way with NTT DATA Services enterprise billing solution: monitor and analyze transaction volume in real time to preempt revenue loss and provide sales and operations management with the tools necessary to optimize revenue collection. NTT DATA Services automates processes across the customer relationship lifecycle, from sales enablement and onboarding, to transaction capture, billing and recovery. Our partnered, software-based solution gives you greater control and more accountability for true enterprise billing.

At the same time, our solution helps you meet the increased levels of compliance and auditability required by Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other regulations. Your globally diverse customers with active liquidity management functions will appreciate flexible, rules-based fee allocation based on their particular needs.

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Our Services

Cut banking revenue leakage due to incorrect pricing, operational inefficiencies, missing transactions and uncollected revenues. Pre-empt revenue loss and improve customer relationships with transparent performance monitoring.

Customer Analytics for Banks

Optimize the impact of your customer-centric initiatives.

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Variable, relationship-based pricing solutions

Drive stronger customer relationships with flexible enterprise billing for wholesale/corporate banking.

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White Paper: Centralized banking product and pricing

Increase product innovation beyond core banking with an innovative pricing platform.

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