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Digital Maturity Model

In comparison to Digital 1.0, or basic bank digital strategy, We begin with a self-assessment of your bank’s current state. The Digital Maturity Model (DMM) is a unique and comprehensive framework that maps your bank’s current digital channel state and helps to devise a customized action plan. A pillar of our Digital 2.0 approach, the DMM places banks in one of five levels, depending on the integration of digital technologies.

  • Physical: Provides services through physical channels, with digital channels used for information dissemination and alerts
  • Online: Transactional services such as payments through digital channels (online or mobile)
  • Self-service: Enabling customers to make their own decisions, includes basic social media and analytics services (such as online chat)
  • Connected: Concept branches, integration across channels with partial fulfillment and maximum services through digital channels
  • Digital: Bank of the future provides 24x7x365 access to all services through digital channels, focusing on functional innovations and new operating model

Dell Platform as a Service
Digital Maturity Model