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Business Process Management and Automation

Get the tools to drive greater productivity and better outcomes from your outsourced team.

What if you could deploy a fully integrated business process management suite that includes workflow, reporting, collaboration and insurance knowledge management tools? With Dell Services, you can deploy tools to drive greater productivity and better outcomes from your outsourced team.

Ask us about our Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) which includes:

  • Workflow tool that enables effective work allocation and distribution, adapted to your environment
  • Client portal that improves reporting, collaboration and transparency between you and your outsourced team
  • Knowledge management tool to effectively manage and control policies, procedures and business rule changes
  • Dashboards that provide instant access to process health indicators and enable continuous improvement
  • Productivity Improvement Toolkit that applies established best practices in automation to improve productivity,business rule
In addition, you can eliminate process waste and reduce human effort with the Automated Full-Time Equivalent. The AFTE model is the application of specific tools and methodology to repeat specific steps without variation and with a high degree of accuracy, perform certain activities automatically and utilize a complex set of sequential process activities, logically broken down by business rules. The AFTE can reduce effort by 25–30 percent.

Business Process Management and Automation

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Business Process Management Suite

Transform your business processes through robotic automation.

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State of the Business: NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services

For FY15, our insurance and banking services were acknowledged as leaders by the industry experts.

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Third-Party Administration Services

Reduce cost and improve processes with end-to-end TPA services for individual & group policies.

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Learning Library

Learn how our Automated Full-Time Equivalent is a lever for improving business processes and productivity. Learn More