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Telehealth and Care Management

Manage reimbursement risks and expanded access to coordinated care

Virtual access to health care allows doctors to make consultations through a videoconference on laptops or mobile devices — an innovative solution that helps rein in costs as well as serve patients in rural areas. Expand access to coordinated care and improve health outcomes using NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services' telehealth and care management solutions. We use video-based platforms and remote monitoring to connect members and patients to telehealth kiosks, marketplace portals and mobile medical devices so you can ensure better care coordination and efficiency. Learn how you can reduce hospital re-admission rates and inpatient rebound visits, improve chronic care outcomes and reduce cost of care and manage risks, and more.

  • Effectively monitor treatment and preventive care delivery
  • Improve member adherence to treatments
  • Improve continuity of care for the elderly
  • Gain access for members located long distance from care centers
  • Take healthcare to retail/employer settings

Telehealth and Care Management

Our Services

Stimulate better member health outcomes and lower costs with proven telehealth, remote monitoring and integrated care solutions. Our video-based platforms connect your members/patients to telehealth kiosks, portals and mobile medical devices so you can ensure better care coordination efficiency.

Integrated Care Management

Seamlessly integrate and connect care management solutions to drive cost savings and wellness management. Bring quality healthcare wherever people need it – in their homes, at retail settings or with self-service portals. We offer a wide range of telehealth/telemedicine kiosks and portals, remote monitoring devices, mobile devices, care management platforms and tools as well as complete data integration services.

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Consolidated Data And Workflow|consolidated Data And Workflow
Remote Monitoring and Care Delivery

Enable patients to be safely and effectively monitored from their homes, eliminating the need for costly and inconvenient provider visits. Connect members wirelessly to telehealth kiosks, marketplace portals and mobile medical devices and ensure better care coordination. Includes device and patient monitoring, vital statistics and medicine intake monitoring, patient healthcare support with URAC-certified nurses and physicians and proactive outreach.

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Take, store and retrieve patient vitals from anywhere to anywhere throughout the world. NTT DATA Services telehealth solutions offer a unique combination of HIPAA and HITECH-compliant video consultations, virtual house calls, triages and rounds to provide primary care and initial diagnosis at significant cost savings. Our solution features telemedicine kiosks for retail settings, medical devices to facilitate remote monitoring, HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing and all-in-one telemedicine cart for hospitals.

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Mobile Health|mobile Health
Mobile Health

Reduce hospital/inpatient readmission visits and increase the value of care so you can better manage reimbursement risks and improve care management. Our mobile applications powerfully enhance healthcare worker productivity and keep patients informed and engaged. We can help with patient self-service patient records integration; payment technology implementation; security for mobile phones, tablets and wearables; mobile management as well as data and analytics technology implementation and systems integration.

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Virtual Visit And Teleconferencing|virtual Visit And Teleconferencing
Virtual Visit and Teleconferencing

Diagnose and treat patients through remote two-way, eVisit virtual video consultations to save money and treat members remotely without in-person visits. Perfect for post operation checks, minor medical treatments, prescription refills and more. We offer high-resolution, e-visit video platforms, online video chat, document sharing, one-click waiting room and integration into clinical applications and systems.

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Consulting And Program Design|consulting And Program Design
Consulting and Program Design

Simplify and embrace innovative technologies to streamline communication, treatment processes and facilitate cross-disciplinary care teams. Our best-in-class health plan consulting and program design moves toward a converged business model to meet regulatory requirements and improve health plan operations. We can help with environmental scan and gap analyses, program planning and management, and merger and acquisition and business integration.

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