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Third-Party Solutions

Drive revenue growth and streamline third-party administration tasks

When you can use proven high-performing claims platform implementation, application migration, analytics and business processes, you take third-party administrative capabilities to the next level. With NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services Third-Party Solutions, you can elevate system capabilities and functionality to improve third-party administration, while you improve productivity with system integration and workflow alignment. Seamlessly manage enrollment, billing, tracking, pricing, reporting, and provider/product data and ultimately improve the customer experience.

  • Ensure full revenue capture and cash flow
  • Lower administrative costs through proven implementation methodologies and operational best practices
  • Identify opportunities to market products in new markets
  • Make better decisions with insights from analytics and business intelligence
  • Improve customer experience

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Third-Party Solutions

Our Services

Take third-party administrative capabilities to the next level with proven high-performing claims platform implementation, application migration, analytics and business processes.

Back Office|back Office
Implementation and Delivery Management

Ensure seamless system implementation and delivery management without disrupting existing operations. NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services offers a holistic deployment approach to system readiness with services for configuration, logistics, integration, migration, governance and go-live support. Our solution includes well-defined governance model, communication, resource and scope management strategies; standardized delivery components and regulations; deliverables tracking, project management performance reporting and RAID management.

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Ehr Solution Partners|ehr Solution Partners
Configuration, Conversion, Integration and Development

Drive operational efficiencies to help you achieve dramatic improvements in the performance and agility of your IT environment. We help manage, design, integrate and implement next-generation payer processing platforms, as well as analytics and operational support. We can provide system assessment and roadmapping, configuration design and data mapping, impact analysis, risk and issue management processes, business workflow and training instruction design, and comprehensive system, integration and use case testing.

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Uca Analytics Tools|uca Analytics Tools
Quality Assurance and Testing

Improve service quality, drive down costs and meet stringent regulatory demands. We provide multiple test disciplines and practices to integrate customer-specific test requirements using commercial/open-source tool-based automation frameworks, embedded business analysts, robust solution accelerators and flexible delivery models. We provide a full range of testing services, strategic testing consulting, proven test processes and governance models, specialty testing services and ready-to-use innovative test solutions and frameworks.

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Front Office|front Office
BPO and Business Process Design

Boost quality transaction speed, control costs and improve policy administration. We offer integrated business process and technology solutions to help you streamline operations, improve productivity and strengthen cash flow to stay competitive and improve member satisfaction. We can help with front, middle and back office solutions, provider data maintenance, claims and encounter processing, plan setup and maintenance, provider pricing and management, eligibility and enrollment, and more.

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Data Analytics And Reporting|data Analytics And Reporting
Data Analytics and Reporting

Gain meaningful insights from data, manage costs, lower risks. Our-advanced analytics help you proactively identify risk and member outcomes with integrated data from multiple sources to gain insights critical to your financial and health plan success. Our solution includes exhaustive reporting for financial, operational and provider analytics, payer code edits, key performance indicators monitoring, reimbursement optimization, provider contact negotiations, risk prioritization, native integration with ICD-10, reporting and analytic customization, and more.

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Consulting And System Tuning|consulting And System Tuning
Consulting and System Tuning

Unlock efficiency, improve business performance and lower costs. We help you assess your current operation state and perform system tuning to optimize your platform so your health plan organization can run smarter, faster and perform better. We provide value-based consulting and thought leadership, operational and system assessments, comprehensive frameworks, system tuning and testing, and implementation and support services.

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System Support and Configuration Management

Maximize uptime, increase efficiency and ensure environment consistency. We provide one team for end-to-end implementation, from your health plan consumer portal all the way to your back-office functions. We can help you with root cause assessment, system recommendations, application and solution optimization, and end-to-end process and technical support.

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