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Patient Engagement

Create effective patient engagement to strengthen relationships and improve outcomes

Physicians and health systems have made useful steps forward in patient engagement as part of their effort to meet Meaningful Use criteria. Now those organizations are ready to move forward to more effective engagement strategies to improve patient outcomes and deepen the bonds with their patient communities.

With a deep understanding of healthcare, social media and relationship management, our Patient Engagement Services team can help you create a plan and put all the pieces in place to benefit both your patients and your organization.

Patient Engagement

Our Services

Strengthen the bond between patient and provider design by implementing a program that delivers a quality experience. Address new customer expectations, including telehealth, mobility and social media.

Patient Engagement Program Design

Our Patient Engagement Solutions team can help you assess your abilities and recommend actions to improve patient relationships. We can help you design and implement a program that provides a seamless experience of respect, listening and caring that increases the bonds and improves patient health.

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Telehealth Solutions

Take healthcare to the time and place that is most effective for each patient with telehealth eVisit and remote monitoring services. You can increase patient convenience and satisfaction, reduce readmissions, improve patient education and coaching, and increase caregiver productivity. With remote monitoring devices, both you and the patient receive feedback on the efficacy of care, including alerts that can help prevent the need for emergency care or hospitalization.

Telehealth and Care Management
Digital Technologies Driving Telehealth

Telehealth and Care Management

Mobile Health Application Services

Provide information and services for patients on all their mobile devices both at home and in the hospital with your own-branded mobile apps. We can help you quickly deploy patient portals and apps on multiple platforms to connect with patients and family where ever they are.

Healthcare Mobility Application Services
In-Hospital Tablet Application

Healthcare Mobility Application Services

Population Health Management

Population health analytics and management can help you better understand and engage with your patient community and provide appropriate care planning and support. Using a broad range of internal data and data from external sources, our solution can help you identify health risks and gaps in care to ensure your resources are used effectively. With care coordination and health coaching tools, you can work with patient populations to modify behaviors for better outcomes. This can help you succeed with ACOs, Chronic Care Management, and risk-based reimbursement models.

Data sheet: Population Health Analytics

Patient Relationship Management

Patients want to be known and understood, so tracking their characteristics, preferences and interactions with your organization is critical to creating a positive relationship. We can help you design and implement a customized patient relationship management system that helps you know and respect your patients’ individual needs and the needs of their families.

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Our white paper explores how to go beyond Meaningful Use to meaningful relationships that empower patients to improve their health and manage their care. Learn More