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Insights Platform

R&D Insights Platform for Faster, More Efficient Treatment Development

Our Insights Platform is powerful foundation for data integration (including data from remote patient monitoring devices and EHRs) advanced analytics, genomics, drug discovery and pre-clinical development that can cut your time to market dramatically. It can also help you reduce the need for clinical trials and reduce the risk of failure in the trials you undertake, dramatically reducing the time and cost of treatment development, benefiting patients, payers and your organization’s success. 

Insights Platform

Our Services

Reduce the need for clinical trials, the risk of failure and costs in trials with our integrated Insights Platform.  

Biosimulation and PK/PD Modeling

Save you time and increase the chances of successful clinical trials. By modeling normal as well as disease states and simulating the effect of a drug in these conditions in various settings, you can ensure that only viable candidates are included in expensive clinical phases.

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Cognitive Computing

A powerful, holistic arsenal to harness big data, and enable cloud-based collaboration and advanced genomic-based cognitive computing. With these tools, you can mine this vast archive to find patterns that will lead you to new understanding.

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Genomics and Systems Biology

An integrated platform to understand basic biology, underlying disease mechanisms, biomarker discovery, target ID and more.   

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A Sophisticated Solution For A Small Hospital|a Sophisticated Solution For A Small Hospital
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