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Re-Architecture and Future-Ready IT

Updating your legacy applications can make you more efficient, responsive and competitive. Our application re-architecture solution helps you migrate business-critical legacy systems to modern platforms, offering quality outcomes across the entire modernization journey. The end result? Strategic growth, reduced operational costs and restored business agility.

Through re-architecture, NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services, transforms legacy application architectures written in COBOL, RPG, PL-1, Fortran, Natural, VB, Mumps, MAPPER, Assembler and more to modern architectures such as Java and .NET — while retaining full functionality.

Our innovative and patented re-architecting software has helped organizations, such as P2P, reduce their code from 2 million lines of RPG/Progress to 400,000 lines of Java. This dramatic 80 percent reduction has helped P2P become more agile and respond faster to market changes.

Our advantage
Our re-architecture solution migrates legacy applications — and data — from costly, rigid mainframes to agile environments. It also drastically decreases the amount of code by streamlining and re-architecting legacy functionality into a service-oriented, cloud-ready application.

Working across industries worldwide, we have the right expertise and tools to manage your requirements and assets to help minimize risk and deliver your modernized system faster.
Re-Architecture and Future-Ready IT

Why re-architect applications?

To stay competitive and serve your customers in this digital age, you need responsive IT solutions. Most legacy applications are inflexible, expensive to maintain and unable to take advantage of technologies such as cloud, mobility and analytics. By leveraging these digital platforms, NTTData Services Application Re-architecture can help you: