Mid-Tier Modernization Services

Move to Industry-Standard Servers and Open Solutions

When maintaining legacy platforms, innovation is sacrificed in order to maintain the status quo. With enterprises in today’s business environment expected to do more with less, this is an unacceptable trade-off. Legacy systems, particularly those built on UNIX platforms, are rigid and expensive to maintain. The solution? Migrating to open standards or open source platforms.

It’s time to take advantage of legacy modernization through technologies like service-oriented architecture (SOA), cloud, virtualization and mobility. Our Mid-tier Application Modernization Services helps you go from closed, proprietary UNIX systems to open, agile x86 systems. Embrace the agility, reduced maintenance costs and latest advancements of x86 technology, including physical, virtual and cloud-based architectures. As a leading provider of Linux® solutions — with a long working relationship with top vendors such as Red Hat®, Oracle® and SAP® — NTT DATA Services can help make migration easier than you think.

Our services cover the entire application migration lifecycle, including:

  • Application migration consulting
  • Assessment and analysis
  • Technical assessment
  • Migration delivery
  • Testing and deployment

Unix-To-Linux Migration & Re-Hosting
Mid-Tier Modernization Services


NTT DATA Services can help you modernize your application and IT infrastructure to create a more efficient data center — and enable your organization to be future ready.

Mainframe Re-Hosting |mainframe Re-Hosting

You can cut annual operating costs from 30 to 70 percent and provide a safe path forward for IT assets.

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Re-hosting Reference Architecture

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