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SAP Applications

Get the Most Out of Your SAP Applications and Generate New Opportunities for Growth

As information volume and velocity increases, from internal operations, vendors and customers, successful manufacturers are taking proactive steps to transform their current business processes into a collaborative environment. 

The transition to a “Smart Factory” is about how sensor enablement, factory optimization, supply chain management (SCM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) collaborate on an integrated infrastructure platform. Finding solutions that leverage cross team collaboration is how NTT DATA Services can transform operations into smart factories. 

Manufacturing transformation starts with evaluating the current process and technology landscape and finding ways to either compliment and/or enhance the current footprint. Future state operations need to focus on architecting for analytics and transactions, allowing business decisions to be made in “real-time”. Finally, secure everything in the landscape, given increase collaboration can pose an increased business risk. "

SAP Applications

Our Service Offerings

Leverage the benefits of SAP package applications while implementing and maintain the resources you need to run your business.

Analytics for SAP

Making an investment in SAP-related big data and advanced analytics pays off in smart business decisions and new insight Learn more about Analytics for SAP

Custom Applications for SAP

Our SAP custom development services include a large range of applications, ranging from self-service portals for vendors or customers to custom SAP transactions that can be deployed on mobile devices or traditional UI. Learn more about Custom Applications for SAP

Mobile application services
Mobility Services for SAP

Make SAP-focused mobile solutions work for your business—and your customers. Learn more about Mobility Services for SAP

SAP Business Suite

Our services encompass numerous SAP applications, such as ECC, SCM, GRC, BPC and the new Business Suite S/4 HANA. We help with implementations, roll-outs, re-implementations and enhancements or M&A related activities, such as carve-outs or carve-ins. Our offers include SAP HANA Value Identification and SAP HANA Value Realization. Learn more about SAP Business Suite

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SAP Cloud Applications

Deploy SAP‘s cloud applications in a NTT Data Cloud and free up your IT resources for more valuable operations - including SAP Provided as a Service, SAP CRM Cloud, Ariba (SRM), Success Factors (HCM), Concur (T&E).

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SAP Fiori User Experience

Streamline transaction processing, making it faster, more efficient and easier to use. With SAP Fiori, you can simplify and personalize the user experience for SAP applications on any device. Learn more about SAP Fiori User Experience

SAP Smart Factory

Our Smart Factory services focus around rapid deployments of SAP ME, SAP MII and SAP Visual Enterprise, mobile analytics through SAP MII and SAP Fiori. We help you consider IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies to transform into a digital-connected “Smart Factory”. Learn more about SAP Smart Factory

SAP Transaction Availability for Remote Sites TARS

SAP strategically partnered with NTT DATA Services to develop this custom solution for remote sites. Get the ability to transact on SAP even when your connection to the central SAP servers is interrupted. That means you can transact on SAP anytime, anywhere – critical to operations in remote locations or where 24x7 uptime is critical.

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Learning Library

Read our data sheet to learn how to improve production standards and output targest with our comprehensive shop-floor strategy. Learn More
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Read our white paper and learn how to deliver profitability analysis with HANA using SAP’s rapid-deployment solution methodology. Learn More
Brochure: Sap Transaction Availability For Remote Sites|brochure: Sap Transaction Availability For Remote Sites
Our data sheet shows you how to use SAP functionality anywhere, anytime — even in remote, connected or disconnected sites. Learn More