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BPO for Travel and Hospitality

Integrate Technology-Driven Business Processes and Keep Guests Coming Back

Today’s hospitality industry faces a unique set of challenges. Guests demand more from you; social media and mobile technology are spurring new IT needs and focus. At the same time, you’re expected maintain operational efficiencies and meet budget goals. How do you spend the time and resources needed to satisfy customers and avoid them from shifting loyalty to your brand?

This is where  Business Process Outsourcing can help. We can help you transform your processes and allow you to focus on your business competencies. You will streamline franchisee processes and improve your e-commerce experience for your customer. And by revamping your processes, you will stave off rising costs, address changing customer needs and embrace technological advancements to ensure success in a highly competitive market.

Our competencies include:

  • Travel Agency Commission Settlement
  • Franchisee support
  • E-Commerce
  • Enterprise Shared Services

Bpo For Travel And Hospitality
BPO for Travel and Hospitality

What We Offer

Meet your revenue, budget, efficiency and customer satisfaction goals by integrating specialized BPO services.

Store Mobility|store Mobility
Franchisee Support

Our deep experience with large franchisee and channel partner businesses helps you optimize operations using NTT DATA Services BPO assets, frameworks, tools and methodologies.

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Travel And Hospitality|travel And Hospitality
Travel Agency Commission Settlement (TACS)

Our proprietary tool pays your travel channel partners their commissions, strengthening relationships and saving time and money.

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Automated Full-Time Equivalent

The Automated Full-Time Equivalent is a robotic process automation solution that helps you become more productive by reducing time, increasing accuracy, and cutting cost of business processes.

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Learning Library

Learn how our Automated Full-Time Equivalent is a lever for improving business processes and productivity. Learn More
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POV: Robotic Process Automation

Read our in-depth white paper to learn how companies can tackle increasing costs and complexity by shifting employees away from repetitive, labor-intensive tasks.

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Learn how our Automated Full-Time Equivalent is a lever for improving business processes and productivity. Learn More