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Robotic Process Automation

Streamline Work Processes, Reduce Errors, Boost Scalability with the Automated Full-Time Equivalent

The nature of outsourcing is changing. With increasing costs and complexity, companies must use employees more effectively by shifting them away from repetitive, labor-intensive tasks. Automation of processes help you complete work quickly and consistently – that allows your employees to focus on more complex, business-critical tasks.

Our innovative Automated Full-Time Equivalent (AFTE) solution achieves automation with more than 50 methods and tools. Transform your most critical projects with AFTE.

Robotic Process Automation

What We Offer

Robotic Process Automation can reduce costs, improve efficiency and boost productivity by completing repetitive tasks quickly and consistently.

Automation Solutions

From automation in applications testing to automated monitoring of your servers, storage, and networks, NTT DATA Services has automation solutions across infrastructure, applications, and Business Process Outsourcing.

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Automated Full-Time Equivalent

Our RPA solution lets you increase productivity by improving the speed and accuracy of business processes with award-winning automation tools.

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AFTE Command Center

Monitor the performance of your automated software assistants in real time, while gaining in-depth analytics and a fully auditable record.

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Systems Monitoring And Automation Services |systems Monitoring And Automation Services
Systems Monitoring and Automation Services

Gain insight into your entire infrastructure to keep things running smoothly and prevent issues that may impact end users.

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Universal Test Automation Framework|universal Test Automation Framework
Universal Test Automation Framework

Shorten application release cycles and cut costs through automation of applications testing.

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