Fail-Fast Solution Testing that Fosters a Culture of Collaboration

Unfreeze. Change. Re-freeze.

This is the traditional model of business, where change is occasional – followed by business as usual as quickly as possible. IT’s delivery cycles are designed with the unfreeze/change/refreeze model in mind. Even the increasingly popular Agile methodologies follow this model, bundling changes into large-scale releases that are put into production on a monthly cadence.

But unfreeze/change/refreeze doesn’t fit an era of business in which change has become the constant.

DevOps has quickly gained popularity because it’s built for continuous integration and delivery. By integrating IT operations into the development process while automating testing and replacing occasional large releases with a constant flow of small implementations, DevOps takes much of the friction out of IT delivery.

Our Digital Business Services BusDevOps takes DevOps one step further. Because where DevOps starts with integrating IT operations into development and finishes with software delivery, BusDevOps starts with integrating all business change stakeholders into every delivery team, and finishes with the successful achievement of intentional business change.

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