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Mobile Application Services

Enable Mobile Enterprise Applications and Transform Your Business

To meet changing expectations, mobile must be an integral part of your customers’ experience. And to compete in today’s business environment, a seamless mobile experience is imperative. But where do you begin? How do you determine a mobile strategy right for you? And how do you implement mobile and manage this environment in an optimized and secure way?

Mobility is the next big thing in technology – and you can’t afford to put it off. Our Mobile Application Services helps you make your application efforts business-first. Our niche mobility offerings can help you engage better with your consumers as well as enterprise workforce through UI rich mobile apps across all major platforms. Responsive web design as an enabler to render existing websites on mobile. Apps for new age wearables and internet of things working in tandem with mobile. 

Wherever your vision takes you, we can help you get there. Let Mobile Applications from NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services, guide you on your mobile application efforts mobile-first.

    • Revisit the entire mobile presence to ensure that conversation rates are same, independent of channels
    • Rethink adaptive design based on screen, size and navigation
    • Make fact-driven mobile service data
    • Re-evaluate management of confidential and private data
    • Rethink the concept of BYOD and focus on securing company data.
    • Assess needs in terms of functionality, user experience and performance. Then evaluate this versus the available technologies, skills and the budget available for development and more importantly long-term maintenance.
    • Assess reduction of devices that employees need at work and in the field & optimize the process with a mobile-first approach .

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    Service Offerings

    Your mobile application development and management is key to staying competitive.

    Digital Experience Studio

    Our Digital Experience Studio offers a platform for enterprises to Ideate, conceptualize digital use cases, prototype solutions and discover early business benefit of solution.

    Learn more about Digital Experience Studio

    User Experience and Customer Journey Mapping

    Define your customer journey and learn how to effectively engage with end users. Learn more about User Experience and Customer Journey Mapping

    Mobile Strategy and Consulting

    Develop a comprehensive enterprise strategy to mobilize your business processes. Learn more about Mobile Strategy and Consulting

    Mobile Web and Omnichannel Presence

    Ensure your mobile applications work with the responsive design of your website. Learn more about Mobile Web and Omnichannel Presence

    Mobile Application Development

    Define and develop responsive web design, MADP, native and hybrid applications. Learn more about Mobile Application Development

    Mobile Application Testing

    Engage in comprehensive application testing that focuses on the ubiquitous smartphone market. Learn more about Mobile Application Testing

    Mobile Application Security

    Address data security, regulatory and compliance needs of your mobile applications. Learn more about Mobile Application Security

    Mobile Web & Omnichannel Presence
    Managed Mobile Services

    Manage the challenging mobile ecosystem at its frequent device and operating system upgrades. Learn more about Managed Mobile Services

    Mobile Application Management

    Secure, deploy and manage mobile applications quickly, easily and securely. Learn more about Mobile Application Management