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Social Media Services

Embrace the Power and Importance of Social Media and Digital Marketing

People are talking about your company, your products and your services — and those conversations are happening on social media channels. But how do you know what's being said? And what can you do with that information?

Today’s reality is this: customer relationships are socially driven, and your products and services thrive off of these interactions. It’s time to embrace a new customer-centered ecosystem.

At NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services, we know why and how social media impacts every part of your business, including brand reputation, employee engagement, product development and customer experiences. Our thought leadership and expertise help you create social media programs and strategies that help you succeed. We can help you understand what is being said about your brand, industry, competitors and products — and how to improve customer relationships through a successful social media strategy. Learn how to embed social media throughout your organization and transform into a social business.

  • Social customer support
  • Governance and risk management
  • Proof of ROI
  • Campaign measurement
  • Loyalty and retention
  • Consulting

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Watch how Spectrum Health used social monitoring and reporting to address misinformation on social networks.

Service Offerings

Develop and drive social media strategy, no matter where you are on your social media journey.

Digital Marketing Services

Grow your business, no matter the stage in your digital journey. Get a fully integrated suite of digital marketing solutions that include content creation and management, design development and site maintenance, search marketing and email marketing. Learn more about Digital Marketing Services

Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Create a seamless, personalized customer experience across touch points and channels. Learn more about Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Social Media Consulting
Social Analytics

A holistic approach to social analytics helps you forge strategies, test content and learn what resonates with customers as you transform big data into actionable intelligence. Learn more about Social Analytics

Social Intelligence

Monitor and respond to social channels and conversations, synthesize data to create meaningful insights. Learn more about Social Intelligence

Social Media Consulting

Assess your end-to-end social media value and gain input for your social business, operations and overall digital strategy. Learn more about Social Media Consulting

Learning Library

Our Workshops Advance Your Social Media Know-How.|our Workshops Advance Your Social Media Know-How.
See how our media workshops guide you through the complex and ever-changing social media environment – and how social media can impact your brand in a positive way. Learn More