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Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Understand Your Customer and Their Journey

Does your customer experience lack in continuity? Without pinpointing the customer and their journey, an overall experience will be lacking, which, in turn reflects on your brand and your company.

NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services, can help you develop your Omni-Channel Customer Experience – one that is seamless and personalized across all of your touch points and channels, both online and off. Leverage our expertise first; we successfully identify more than 40 percent of all B2B and B2C visitors to our online properties without anyone even logging in.

A successful customer experience begins with a customer data and identification strategy. This leads to customer journey intelligence, which can be used to derive customer opportunity scoring for your business and consumer customers, as well as investment spend optimization across your online and offline channels. From there, you will learn to personalize the experience, and measure your results — and deliver a real return on investment.

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Taking a Business First Approach to Omni-Channel

Our Services

Online and offline, your customer experience should be seamless and consistent.

Data And Identification Strategy|data And Identification Strategy
Data and Identification Strategy

Know your customers before, during and after they engage with your products or services.

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Journey Intelligence|journey Intelligence
Journey Intelligence

Seize the opportunity to coordinate and measure the customer journey across all its touch-points.

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Personalization Delivery and Strategy

Fine-tune personalization use cases for both customer retention- or acquisition-focused marketing and service activities.

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Web Experience Optimization|web Experience Optimization
Web Experience Optimization

Drive tactical strategies including website conversion optimization and task-centered usability.

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Learning Library

Our Workshops Advance Your Social Media Know-How.|our Workshops Advance Your Social Media Know-How.
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