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Social Analytics

Analyze Customer Conversations and Derive Meaningful Insights

Social listening allows you to gather vital insights, which, in turn, deepens your understanding of your brand, industry and competitors, and improves customer support — but first, you must quantify social data for business value. What’s the best way to do this?

Social Analytics Services offer a holistic approach – one that allows you the insight to help customers make informed decisions. You will be able to store the data you collect and record in a structured format that’s easily leveraged for social intelligence. You will build an actionable dashboard by connecting social KPIs and business outcomes. And by discovering patterns and using statistical models, you can predict customer behavior and personalize your engagement with them.

Social analytics improves your current social media outreach by identifying key influencers and channels, while you monitor, measure campaign effectiveness and determine ROI. And you’ll better mitigate risk and manage a potential crisis. Learn how to harness the power of analytics

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Get the insight you need to measure and analyze your overall social media strategies.

Social Analytics|social Analytics
Social Analytics

Determine right strategies and decipher statistical analysis to reveal patterns, discover trends, and predict outcomes.

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Our Workshops Advance Your Social Media Know-How.|our Workshops Advance Your Social Media Know-How.
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