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Transform Your Data Center

Transform Your Data Center

Enterprises are eager to transform to future ready digital enterprise, as it enables better business outcomes, across a wide range of KPIs including revenue growth, profitability, employee productivity and retention. To achieve this, it is critical to transform the Data Center and embrace the Cloud environments that are right for your organization.

Our solutions are designed to provide a faster and simpler path to transform your DC and cloud environment with lower TCO. We have the tools, expertise, and solutions to help you integrate and modernize your environment, or migrate to new technologies.

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Our Services

Cloud and Virtualization Consulting
Cloud Consulting

We believe any IT transformation today must include an assessment of how to leverage cloud technologies. Our comprehensive suite of services ranges from consulting to guide you on your journey to maximizing the benefits of cloud, development projects to build out new environments in private/public/hybrid cloud scenarios, and migration projects to help you optimize your data center environment. Ultimately, our goal is to transform your environment to the best adoption of cloud for your business, providing business agility, scalability, elasticity and flexibility.

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Data Center Transformation

Are you grappling with escalating data center costs, growing server sprawl or excessive time-to-market? Being uncertain of risk and cost can make it difficult for your organization to execute change without knowing the impact it will have on your lines of business. With all that uncertainty, meeting your return on investment goals can be near impossible.

Our transformation methodology takes you through a defined process — from discovery to design and planning to execution and wrap-up. The process focuses on transformation at the application level first to develop a strategy that balances critical business objectives with technical optimization. This approach ensures an orderly and stable transition that minimizes interruption to business processes during the transformation process.

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Platform Consulting

Whether it is upgrading an outdated operating system to its modern equivalent or moving from a high cost proprietary operating system to and open solution our infrastructure consultants have the experience to accelerate your project while reducing risk.

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1. Dell Modernization Services For Windows Server 2003 – D438.pdf|1. Dell Modernization Services For Windows Server 2003 – D438.pdf
Performance Monitoring

Our enterprise-wide performance monitoring capabilities help you meet the performance SLAs and key metrics for datacenter, performance of applications and networks, along with providing real-time reports. Ask how our consultants can help.

  • Infrastructure (servers, network, storage)
  • Middleware (operating system platforms, virtualization, databases)
  • Applications (Java & .NET, MS Exchange, Skype for business

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