Stratégies de transformation des services d’assurance

Act on the transformation strategies that matter most to your insurance business

Are you looking to realize benefits from the digital insurance revolution? The key to successful digital transformation is adopting technology that helps you engage your customers while radically improving operations and increasing efficiency and revenue. Technology can also extend your existing business models and add value to your organization.

Whether you offer life insurance, annuities, pensions, property and casualty insurance, general or worksite/voluntary benefits, Dell Services for Insurance can help you become a future-ready insurer. Just as we helped insurers to achieve straight through processing, we can enable your strategic digital agendas. From our end-to-end portfolio of hardware, software and devices, Dell can help you achieve flexible, responsive processes and technology to manage challenges from cost, compliance and customer retention. Come to us to:

  • Engage your stakeholders by improving customer reach, experience and satisfaction in enterprise mobility, social media services, online transformation and call center transformation
  • Enable improved agility, security and efficiency for cloud/SaaSification services, BPO services, application modernization, security services and data analytics
  • Extend functionality and devise new target operating models in the areas of claims transformation, multichannel integration, product innovation and back-office transformation

Stratégies de transformation des services d’assurance


La transformation numérique vous aidera à répondre plus efficacement aux attentes de vos clients et les nouvelles technologies réinventeront vos pratiques traditionnelles.

Solutions d’assurance mobiles

Passez au numérique avec des applications mobiles efficaces et sécurisées. En savoir plus Solutions d’assurance mobiles

Technologie portable et Internet of Things pour les services d’assurance

Obtenez des résultats commerciaux avec l’approche numérique pragmatique de Dell en ce qui concerne l’IoT (Internet of Things). En savoir plus Technologie portable et Internet of Things pour les services d’assurance

Solutions de traitement linéaire

Simplifiez vos opérations en instaurant un traitement automatisé direct efficace. En savoir plus Solutions de traitement linéaire

Solutions de transformation des réclamations

Passez du simple traitement à la transformation des demandes d’indemnisation avec le portail de test dédié aux demandes d’indemnisation. En savoir plus Solutions de transformation des réclamations